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From a global perspective, there are still large areas without mobile network coverage. This can pose a serious safety risk to logistics fleet drivers who have to cross or visit these remote areas.

Most cities worldwide already have 4G LTE connectivity and some are already experimenting with 5G networks. However, if you drive on the outskirts of large cities, the quality of connectivity starts to deteriorate, even in developed countries. Especially in areas of rugged terrain - hills and mountains block the direct signal.

To address these issues, customers may consider Iridium Connected® Telematics Solution. In areas where no other connectivity is available, Iridium has satellites that communicate with a device anywhere on the planet, regardless of the proximity of telecommunication towers or terrain roughness.

Benefits of the solution

  • Valuable data anywhere in the world - satellite connectivity ensures that data is sent even to areas without mobile network connectivity.

  • Cost-effective solution – simple add-on Iridium Edge only sends data when the GNSS tracker is unable to send data via the cellular network.

  • Smooth transition between networks – Iridium Edge modem will connect automatically when the cellular network is lost and stop sending data when the cellular network is present.

  • Data can be transmitted even in adverse weather conditions - fleet vehicles will always be visible regardless of weather conditions.

  • Keeps drivers and passengers safe - the panic button allows reacting quickly to any emergency situation by pinpointing the exact vehicle location.

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